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Rincon Market set to rise from its ashes

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Shelves are stocked just days before Rincon Market reopens, but that's still too soon to put fresh items like fish on display.

"Tucson deserves to have great fish," said fishmonger Yuri Rabayev.

Rabayev and other long-time employees were paid by insurance but they couldn't work since the fire almost a year ago.

"It was sad," he said.

"When the fire happened, it felt like one of our personal houses burned down," said owners' daughter-in-law Amy Abbott, who also works for the market.  She managed insurance payments and repair costs.

"It took awhile to even just find happiness in the new things but now that we're about to open, looking back, we're like, yeah, we're so excited because it was a way to revamp," she said.

The new look includes stained concrete floors, raised ceilings, a larger salad bar, and a bar for beer and wine near the large photo of the U of A whiteout game.

"It just holds a special place in our heart. Remember, we feed all the basketball boys," Abbott said.

"Starting out new and all of a sudden that happened, and I thought how am I ever going to build it back up?" said R Hair Salon owner Donna Raffanti.

But R Hair Salon has survived, and even succeeded without its neighbor bringing expected traffic.

"It can only get better," Raffanti said.  "Yeah, it's made me persevere."

"(I picked up a) new book, English grammar," Rabayev said about his time away from the counter.

While he put his time to use, he's ready to get back to what he does best: getting high quality fish to loyal customers.

"If you know people for twenty years, as a person, they keep coming to you, it means something," he said.

The grand opening is Monday.  Abbott said that rebuilding cost about $3.2 million, with $3 million from insurance and the family supplying its own $200,000.

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