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SW Gas odor problem could last several more weeks

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A gas odor problem is a potentially dangerous issue for us in Southern Arizona.

For nearly two weeks now, Southwest Gas has reported low odor in its gas supply, affecting more than 300,000 customers.

On Wednesday, a gas line break was reported in Oro Valley where several people were evacuated out of their homes. If that had not been a gas line break, where workers were aware of it and made evacuation orders, residents may not have known about the potential hazard in the air they were breathing because of the low odor in gas.

The problem seems to occur fairly often. Southwest Gas officials said just last year they had about 200 gas line break incidents after contractors hit gas lines.

Southwest Gas spokesperson, Libby Howell, said no one was in danger during Wednesday's incident.

"No this area was not affected by the odorant issue," Howell said, "But it really would not have affected the safety of the response because we knew that it had been hit, we had personnel in the area, sowe knew that there was blowing gas."

However, the problem of gas lacking odor, that smell sort of like rotten eggs, continues to affect a large portion of Southern Arizona.

Southwest Gas currently has large machines working to pump odor into its gas supply. However, they are running into some trouble because it is hot outside and people are not using large amounts of gas to heat stuff up, so less gas is flowing through pipes.

There are other signs besides the smell that could let you know if you might have a gas leak at home, according to the gas company.

If you see bubbles coming from standing water, hear hissing or blowing sounds or even see dirt or water blowing in the air, call the gas company right away, because you could have a gas leak.

Southwest Gas said it could still take several more weeks until the issue is completely fixed.

To report a gas leak, click here for information: http://bit.ly/1wyXpwl

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