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Burglar caught on camera by east side homeowner

This is the kind of thing you fear while you're out of town. A man walks up to a home, takes whatever he can get his hands on and then walks away, but that wasn't enough. It all happened on the east side, near Golf Links and Pantano.

Police refer to these kind of thieves as bicycle criminals. The man rode his bike right  up to the front door of an east side home, while the family was out of town this week. He went on to steal some items outside of their home.

The man was caught stealing from the home on Monday. It was right in the middle of the day. He was wearing dark pants, a blue tank top, and sunglasses.

You can see him noticing the cameras. After hanging around the home, stealing some of the cameras, he finally leaves.  That's not all though, he comes back the next day. He still doesn't make it inside the home, but this time he steals a package full of children's clothes and takes a couple propane tanks from the backyard.  

The homeowner, Andrea Desjardin, has lived here for about six years. This is the first time she's seen this happen in the neighborhood.  Desjardin said, "We're thankful he didn't get in the house, but we do feel violated that someone would come onto our property and take our things and attempt to get into our house. You just never know what people are going to do and it's scary."

Desjardin says she filed a police report with Tucson Police. If you recognize the man in the video call 911 or 88 crime.

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