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Red, White, and Woof: Keep pets happy when fireworks fly

Source: Humane Society of Southern Arizona Source: Humane Society of Southern Arizona
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Chances are your dog won't be oohed and ahhhed at the bombs bursting in air on Independence Day.  He or she is more likely to howl, pace, or even run away in the barrage of loud explosions, according to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.  The shelters see an increase of lost pets the next day.

The Humane Society offers these pointers:

- Keep your pet indoors! For pets with extremesensitivity, create a den-like environment such as a crate, room or walk-incloset free of windows.

- If at all possible, remain home with your pet to providecomfort and security.

- Turn on a TV or radio to provide soothing sounds thatwill distract your pet from outside noises

- Spray some pet-friendly aromatherapy to calm your pet'snerves

- Invest in a Thundershirt, used to treat anxiety in pets 

- Pets that are extremely sensitive to noise may benefit from the use ofveterinarian-prescribed sedatives

- Besure to keep a well-fitted collar and identification on your pet

- Have your petmicrochipped

The HSSA recommendsmicropchipping because it helps immediately identify a lost pet and locate itsowners. Microchipping is available at the HSSA for $25. If your pet becomeslost, immediately call the HSSA's Lost & Found Department at 327-6088, ext.111, and the county shelter, Pima Animal Care Center, at 793-5900 to file alost report and get information on conducting an effective search.

Visit and be sure to visit each facility at least every other day tolook for your pet in person. 

The Humane Society ofSouthern Arizona's main campus will be closed July 4, but PAWSH stores at LaEncantada (327-6577) will be open from 10 a.m.-  6p.m. and Park Place(881-7406) will be open from 10 a.m.-  5p.m. The main campus will reopenJuly 5 at 11 a.m.  The HSSA will have $15 adult dogs and cats and $50puppies, kittens and purebreds. Promotions will be extended to both PAWSH andPetSmart locations.

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