Red Cross in Southern Arizona moves toward big change

Big changes at an organization that's on the front lines of disaster relief.  The Southern Arizona Chapter of the Red Cross is merging with the Phoenix chapter.

The crucial services Red Cross offers in times of tragedy, like their disaster relief, will not be affected by the big merge.  Beginning July, the Southern Arizona Chapter and the Grand Canyon Chapter will combine into one region led by the CEO in Phoenix.

What that means is the smaller Red Cross units across Arizona will now be working as one big statewide chapter. Those with the Southern Arizona Chapter assure services, staffing, and volunteers will not be reduced.

Their offices will continue to remain open in different regions.  This merge is just a better way for them to do business and at the same time save money.  The Red Cross is looking to merge various chapters across the nation.  Arizona is one of the pilots for the entire country.

Richard White, CEO American Red Cross Southern Arizona Chapter said, "We use our resources here and they would use their resources up in the Grand Canyon area. With the new restructuring we will be looking at these resources as a single unit and we will be moving personnel, moving vehicles, moving supplies as we need them anywhere in the state."

White is retiring on June 30. He adds that Red Cross chapters in states like Idaho and New Mexico have seen positive results with their mergers.

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