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Local reaction to earthquake

   We got reports into our newsroom from people feeling the tremor from all different parts of town ranging from Vail to Marana and even right here in downtown Tucson.

For some people we talked to, like Betty Stamatelatos, it's the first time they felt an earthquake.

"It just shook and I even turned to my husband and said, ‘Did you feel that?'," Stamatelatos said. "Because it felt like if you put clothes in the washing machine, it goes into spin cycle you can feel the vibration."

"I was sitting at home, watching TV and just felt the couch shake a few times and that was it," Angelo Dejoia.

Earthquakes are pretty rare in Tucson and caught some people off guard. We called Tucson Fire Department and they say 911 dispatch got a huge number of calls right after the quake hit, but no damage was reported to them.

However, in Cochise and Greenlee County, some people reported property damage, but these were only minor incidents.

No injuries were reported.

Over at the Arizona Geological Survey, last night's quake was monitored. They are still trying to figure out what caused the quake because there is no known fault like in the area where the earthquake occurred.

The director of the Arizona Geological Survey, Lee Allison, tells us this quake is a good wake up call. To remind us, although rare, destructive earthquakes have happened in Southern Arizona and can be very powerful.

"A magnitude 5 earthquake releases33 times as much energy as a magnitude 4," Allison said. "So, a magnitude 6 would be 33 times more than what we felt last night. A magnitude 7, 33 times that. So in 1887, we had a magnitude 7-7.5 earthquake over the line in Mexico. If that occurred today, that would be 1000 times more powerful than the one that occurred last night."

There are still a number of aftershocks rumbling in Southern Arizona after last night's earthquake.

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