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White supremacist charged in shooting of former UAPD officer

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Sapp Sapp
Officer Goudschaal (Source: KOIN) Officer Goudschaal (Source: KOIN)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - An officer who grew up in Tucson and used to work for the University of Arizona Police Department is in stable condition after being shot seven times while on duty.

Dustin Goudschaal, a motorcycle officer from Vancouver, Washington, was shot during a routine traffic stop on Monday night.

He's worked for the Vancouver Police Department since 2008, and the department says before that he was with UAPD. Vancouver is just outside of Portland.

James Sapp, 48, was arrested and arraigned on July 1, according to our CBS affiliate in Portland. It said Sapp is a known white supremacist and has six previous felony convictions. He was arraigned on charges of attempted murder.

A vigil is expected to be held tonight for officer Goudschaal in Vancouver.

Some of his family still lives in Tucson.

Tonight Tucson News Now spoke to his mother, Kristy. She said her son always felt a need to serve from a young age.

The family's staying strong  and counting their blessings while hoping Dustin recovers.

"If he were on the phone he would be deflecting from every bit of this. And he would say, ‘Go home and have a party, OK? And celebrate all the goodness that's in your life and don't be worried about me.’ That's just who he is."

Kristy Gottschaal says her family's shed many tears since they first heard Dustin was critically injured and shot seven times. But they're reassured that he's made it through surgery. His wife tells them he still has his sense of humor and they feel strongly he will recover.

"It has been some of the most devastating things a family can go through. But we are an incredibly tight nit family. We've raised our children hopefully to believe in the greater good, and that the strongest of steel is made from the hottest of fire."

Kristy said the family's still numb from seeing some of the pictures of the crime scene. But she says they've been overwhelmed by the support,  both from the police department in Vancouver, and friends and complete strangers in Tucson.

"We wouldn't wish this on anyone but we do believe that love prevails at the end. We have no other way to live really and we are already turning tiny wheels of forgiveness of who shot him... and that will be a journey, but it's the only way to live."

The family is making plans to go to Vancouver to see Dustin as soon as possible. Dustin was shot in the face, so Kristy says they'll make sure not to make any jokes because laughing or smiling would hurt, but she's waiting for that moment when she'll walk into his room in the hospital.

"It will be a moment to some degree almost like the day he was born, which sounds very Hallmark and syrupy, but it actually will be true."

Kristy said everyone in the family feels like they've already gotten the biggest Christmas present in the world because Dustin survived the shooting.

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