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Response to Nogales border facility editorial

There has been a lot of feedback from last week's editorial about the Central American children being held in Nogales, AZ. 

We suggested politics would prevent any immigration reform in the near future and that the children should be sent to Washington, D.C. to make a point.

Mark e-mailed, “Your idea is great! The video reminded me of the over-crowded conditions at the Pima Animal Care Center.”

Melissa said, “Send them to DC, and spend all this time and energy to help our homeless Veterans. Ya know, the men and women who are American citizens and fought for this country.”

Cella commented: Send them NOT to Washington DC, but to the homes of our lawmakers.  They can house them, feed them, etc., without the benefit of our tax dollars.”

Phyllis says, “Let’s notify the governments of the countries where they are from….put them on planes and send them back.”

Dave disagreed with me, saying, “I was completely in agreement with you until it came to your suggestion that in order to fix the problem, we need Immigration Reform. It is precisely because of all the talk of Immigration Reform aka 'amnesty' that these people are flocking here.”

And, finally' Robyn said, “How about securing the border - not letting them across in the first place and enforcing our immigration laws already on the books!!!”

Thanks for all of your comments.  We’ll continue to follow this story in our newscasts.

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