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First Lady of Guatemala visiting Southern Arizona

The First Lady of Guatemala will make several stops during her trip to Southern Arizona. One of those stops will be at the former apartment complex in midtown, which is being considered as a place to house some of the undocumented migrant children crossing into the U.S. 

Some of the details of her tour are in Wednesday morning's Guatemala newspaper, La Hora.  It says Rosa de Leal Perez will check out the complex, now called Southwest Key, just off Oracle and Drachman.

Border Patrol has also confirmed some new details saying the First Lady will also head down to Nogales to tour the Nogales placement center.  That is the facility where border officials are processing the flood of undocumented children crossing into Texas, alone without their parents.  They are being shipped out to other locations so they have a place to stay, for now.

While in Nogales, Leal Perez will meet with the local border patrol chief and the commander of that Nogales center.  Border Patrol officials are saying Perez may also tour the border itself.

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