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Vehicle poignant reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - There is a black SUV making the rounds in Sierra Vista this Fourth of July weekend, it isn't your typical vehicle though, it’s a reminder about the dangers of drinking and driving. 

According to a release from Sierra Vista the SUV has 262 white crosses painted on the dented doors and crumpled front end; each cross represents a person killed in 2013 in a DUI-related accident in Arizona.  Also painted on the car is the slogan for driving sober 'Drive Hammered, Get Nailed…Into a Coffin.'

"Law enforcement has been telling people not to get behind the wheel after drinking, and to avoid riding with drivers who are impaired," said Cpl. Scott Borgstadt, PIO for the Sierra Vista Police Department in a recent release. "But we rarely show the real cost of driving under the influence.  This memorial vehicle was created with the hope that people will see just how tragic and preventable a DUI-related death can be." 

The memorial will be on display at several locations in Sierra Vista in July, beginning with Veterans Memorial Park July 4 through 7.  Other locations are - Target, July 7 - 14; the Mall at Sierra Vista, July 14 - 21; Safeway, July 21 - 28. 

Sierra Vista Police are taking the time to remind the public, if they plan to drink this Fourth of July holiday, designate a driver. 

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