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Dust storm reminder - Pull aside, stay alive

Dust storm reminder - Pull aside, stay alive

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - One thing drivers need to remember before they hit the road for Fourth of July travel this weekend are safety measures during a dust storm. 

The first would be to not drive into a dust storm or through it.  Visibility can be extremely low and drivers should not wait until they cannot see to pull over.

One such incident that happened in 2013 was a 19 vehicle pileup near I-10 and Picacho.  Drivers should remember 'Pull aside, stay alive.'  That is the message from the Arizona Department of Transportation. 

Pull completely off the paved portion of the road, turn off all lights including emergency flashers, set the emergency brake, drivers should also take their foot off the brakes as well. 

Stephanie Michaels, also known as the 'Adventure girl' offers this tip before taking a road trip,

"You might want to think about having a friend on the side with their smart phone that leads the way and give you an idea of where your pit stops are and if you're going to go off the beaten track." 

Road trips during the summer are really all about preparation and having a plan in place if they run into trouble on the road.

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