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Lightning strike hits power pole on northwest side

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - More than 25 residents lost power on the northwest side after lightning struck a power pole, engulfing the top of the pole in flames on Thursday night.

It happened on Alpia Way, near Ina and Oracle just after 6 p.m.

Residents living in the area say it was scary sight to see. When Northwest Fire crews arrived, flames were shooting out of the top of the power pole.

"We were sitting out here enjoying the rain, counting all the lightning strikes. I went in to open the garage door and heard a loud boom, then the power went out," said Warren Johnston, who lived just a few feet away from the power pole.

Captain Adam Goldberg with the Northwest Fire Department said the call came in as arching lines. Fire crews had to wait until TEP crews got to the scene to de-energize the lines. Goldberg said fires like this one were extremely dangerous to fight.

"If we put water into that electrical fire, that potentially could send the current back down the water stream and shock the firefighters," said Goldberg.

Scattered power outages remained in the area. Goldberg reminded residents this was a good time to stock up on flash lights, batteries, and candles. He also wanted to remind residents who are using candles as a source of light during power outages, to never leave those candles unattended, and to put them out before going to bed.

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