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Man carries gun around Carytown to spread gun rights awareness


A self-proclaimed gun rights activist found a unique way to display his right to bear arms by walking down Cary Street with an American flag and a long gun.

Jason Spitzer says his goal is to start a healthy debate about guns.

"I've had people say we should be ashamed and what not," Spitzer said. He says he's even been called names.

"I've been called the scum of the earth, I've been called every name in the book." But that doesn't stop him from spreading his message. He says the goal is to educate.

"We're spreading information about the constitution and spreading information about the men and women who died for our country."

This is the fifth time he has walked like this down Cary street. The event gets mixed reaction.

Annalise Borrel works in Carytown and has seen Spitzer do this walk several times. While she agrees with his message, she says his method may need some work.

"Some people you have to take into consideration," Borrel said. "Little children will hide behind their mom or something and that's not cool."

Spitzer is also used to encountering police along the way.

"It's our constitutional right to bear arms and we're not doing anything wrong," Spitzer said. "We're not breaking the law."

After Cary Street, the two men took their message to Broad Street. Spitzer says only the hand gun was loaded—the long gun is not.

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