Monsoon means busy days for tree removal companies

Monsoon means busy days for tree removal companies

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The city of Tucson avoided any storm damage Sunday, but there are still some signs around the midtown area of what Saturday’s monsoon left behind.

A few downed trees were scattered throughout various properties on Roger Road as of Sunday night.

Bryan Jackson, of Finest Tree Service, said he was surprised that the storm, which passed over high neighborhood, did not knock over more trees. Jackson pointed to one that he said has needed maintenance for years.

“I’m amazed that it’s still there,” he said. “I look at it every storm that comes through, waiting on a big branch to break off.”

Jackson said monsoon season means more customers for local tree removal companies like his, because not enough people take the precaution of thinning the leaves and branches from their trees before it’s too late.

“You want the tree to be airy, so the winds blow through,” he said.

Proper maintenance can defend against the wind, but Jackson said consecutive storms can be a problem for even a well kept yard. The rain can weigh down the branches and heavily saturate the soil, according to Jackson.

He said mesquite and eucalyptus trees are the most commons ones he sees that are not properly cared for before a storm.

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