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7 steps to achieve 'Financial Independence'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Financial expert Drew Blease from Blease Financial Services stopped by our Fox 11 studio this morning to help us in finding our "Financial Independence."

Blease says the first step is to do a self-assessment of your financial life. Check out what debt you have and take a close look at your overall financial plan.

2 -- Practice discipline in all money matters. Blease advises us to avoid the biggest problem of spending too much. He also says people will spend more time planning their summer vacation than they will planning their retirement.

3 -- Write out a budget.

4 -- Pay off your debt, except maybe your house.

5 -- Take an active roll in your investments. Drew Blease tells us to help financial freedom you should always be maxing out your 401K. He says to find someone you trust to help guide you through the first steps of investing your money.

6 -- Build on your success.

7 -- Reject Failure "failure is not an option!" Blease says history is full of examples of entrepreneurs who built wealth, lost it all and gained it back. He says expect some setbacks, but you need to stay positive and stick to your financial plan.

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