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Lawmakers reach possible compromise for immigrant crisis emergency funding

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - In Washington, lawmakers may be reaching a compromise on President Obama's $3 billion request to help deal with the immigration crisis.

Obama has wrapped up a visit to Texas where he spent some time talking to Gov. Rick Perry and other leaders about the problem.

The plan involves making policy changes to send undocumented children back to their home countries more quickly. However, that could draw opposition from immigrant rights groups and some Democratic lawmakers.

Top House and Senate Republicans say they don't want to give the president a blank check.

Immigration hearings took place on Thursday in New York City. Many of the children say they're trying to escape violence in Central America.

Immigration attorneys say the gang violence in Central America is so rampant and the U.S. immigration system is so backlogged that people are getting desperate.

Some of these cases may not be resolved for years. Part of Obama’s emergency funding request involves millions of dollars to hire more immigration judges.

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