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Animal Care sets record

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 The head count at Pima Animal Care this morning was 947.

"That's a record number for us," says Ellie Beaubien, the adoption co-ordinator.  

That record will likely be eclipsed tomorrow and unless there is a rash of adoption, a thousand dogs and cats being housed at the shelter is not out of the question.

Some people waited in line for two hours today to turn their pets over to Pima Animal Care.

"I just can't afford her anymore," the last in line said, as he waited to turn in his six month old pit bull.

Three litters of kittens were brought in and dropped off.

One litter, found on the Southside, contained kittens no bigger than the size of your hand.

"They're probably four or five weeks old," says Beaubien.

In another area, a mother dog nurses her 11 puppies and will until they are old enough to be adopted. 

Two larger dogs are carried in, not able to walk.

Right now, Pima Animal Care is the only shelter to take all animals that are brought to their doors. 

 "With the other shelters closed, we're the only option right now," Beaubien says.

There's no doubt that is contributing to the severe overcrowding at the shelter.

But this is also the season for puppies and kittens.

"We're desperate, yeah." she says.

So much so, the shelter is offering a special through this weekend and into Monday at closing.

All pets will be adopted for a $15 license fee. All other fees for microchiping, vaccinations and spay and neutering are waived.

"It's a great deal," says Jackie Flores, who adopted a pit bull this morning. "I can't wait to get him home." 

That's the sound the shelter hopes it hears over and over this weekend.

Right now, abut 40 animals are adopted out every day.

But the break even point for the shelter is 55.

And this weekend was especially difficult.

The shelter picked up nearly 200 pets over the weekend, many of them frightened by the fireworks and weekend storms. 

That's twice the number expected.

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