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Local police help battle crime at apartment properties

Some apartment complexes can turn into breeding grounds for crime and criminals. However, Tucson Police say they have a way to stop it and they're offering free help.

Catalina Towers is a midtown apartment seeing results from a crime prevention program .Tucson Police say these apartments were once known for constant stabbings, shootings and drug trafficking.Now, police say the area is improving for residents and nearby neighborhoods. The owners of Catalina Towers are thankful to Crime Free Multi-Housing Training.  The eight hour seminar took place at the Patrick J. Hardesty Multi- Service Center.  According to TPD, in some complexes it has cut neighborhood crime by 70%.

The crime prevention program is an international program which brings together property owners, residents, and law enforcement to eliminate crime in multi-housing properties.  Local police and an attorney gave out information on how to spot crime and what to do about it.

Beck Noel, a community officer with TPD, said, "Things might be fine for the first couple of weeks, first couple of months, first couple of years and then all of sudden they are having a drug problem. They are having a gang problem or whatever. And they have no earthly idea where to start or what to do. That's what we are here for and that's what the class helps them with."

Police urge anybody who wants to reduce crime in their apartments to attend the free training.  The next training seminar is in October. For more information on the program click here.

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