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Tornado season has peaked, in yet another quiet year

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The United States tornado season is practically all year round, but we usually see more tornadoes in Spring than any other season. April to June the US averages around 750 tornadoes each year, which is more than half of the yearly average, which sits at about 1,400. This year has been a relatively quiet year with only 800 confirmed tornadoes when the count is typically over 1,000 by today's date. Yes we have had our fare share of violent storms and strong tornadoes, but just by looking at the shear count we are in another quiet year.

This year is a lot like the past three years with the number of tornadoes down, but some storms producing violent and large tornadoes. Take Moore, OK; In 2013 a tornado ripped through the suburb of Oklahoma City destroying hundreds of homes and killing 24 people. This tornado was over a mile long and stayed on the ground for 40 minutes and 17 miles. While the number of tornadoes that year was significantly below the average, we still had tremendous damage and deaths from tornadoes. This year Nebraska was hit by violent storms back in early June almost leveling a town and killing a few people.

As we finish off the year you can still expect to hear about a few tornadoes and some fairly strong. But the numbers do come down as we loose the spring mixing of air masses that are required to get a large outbreak. This would be the third year in a row with below average tornadoes in the country, but another year with violent storms hitting towns and cities.

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