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Health Department: Surge of migrants not 'public health threat'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The surge of migrant families and unaccompanied children illegally crossing in the United States is not a “public health threat” for Pima County, according to the health department.

The screening process at a Border Patrol facility in Nogales is working, according to a recent report by Health Department Director Dr Francisco Garcia.

At the facility, children receive vaccinations for the following: MMR, flu, meningitis, pertrussis and diphtheria, according to Garcia’s report. The children are also tested for tuberculosis, pregnancy and general behavioral health.

There have been two cases of the flu, two cases of chicken pox and one case of tuberculosis, according to Garcia’s report.

A temporary shelter in Tucson at College Place has 283 beds, according to Garcia. He writes that all but 10 of them were in use as of Friday morning.

The facility includes areas for education, recreation and medical needs, according to Garcia. His report states that the children will not be in any local schools nor any clinics. The latter, only in an emergency, which Garcia considered rare.

The temporary shelter in Tucson is one of approximately 100 around the United States. The average stay at these facilities is about 35 days.

When it comes to families being bused into Arizona, the number has dropped to roughly 200 each week. About 30 – 40 of them travel through Tucson, and Garcia estimates that they’re gone in a day or two.

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