Monsoon washes away road in Cochise County

Monsoon washes away road in Cochise County

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Families living along South Palomas Trail in Cochise County are dealing with the same mess Sunday night that’s been left behind by rain storms for the past several seasons.

Part of the private road runs through a wash, which has left South Palomas Trail nearly impassable.

Two cars had to be pulled out of the gap after Sunday’s storm, according to neighbors. Robert Stoner said the poor conditions are inconvenient for families who use the road to access the rest of Southern Arizona, but his biggest concern is the effect it has on responses times for emergency crews.

"I would say the worst is the thought of them not being able to respond as fast as normal,” said Stoner. “Right now, if we had a road, it would be 10-15 minutes max. Whereas now, without the road, it's 45 minutes minimum because they got to respond from Naco. "

Stoner said he’s thankful to Border Patrol, whom he says helped with the most recent fix of the road. Neighbors have used hundreds of tons of dirt in the past, but now they’re saving their money. The hope is to save enough for a permanent solution, according to Stoner.

Despite the problems, Stoner said he and his neighbors are committed to the community.

"This is our house, our home,” he said. “Nobody wants to actually move out of their house. If they're happy with it, they want to stay there."

Families living on South Palomas Trail anticipate it will take another month to make the road accessible to all traffic.

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