Trees uprooted after Sunday's monsoon

Trees uprooted after Sunday's monsoon

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Clean up will certainly be the focus on Monday morning after Sunday's monsoon storms.

The high winds from that storm uprooted several trees on Tucson's east side. One tree fell near Pantano and Golf Links, luckily it fell away from the home.

The tree did pull down a power line, but Tucson Electric Power officials are saying the line was not active at the time it fell. The family who owns the house were not home at the time the tree fell.

"It was a miracle. I was surprised that it didn't hit our house at all. It barely even touched it. I think it got some of the lining on the edge of the roof, but that's about it," said Calvin Dancil, son of the homeowner.

Not all homes were this lucky after Sunday's storms.

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