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Local MMA gym looks to crowd source

Tucson, AZ July 18, 2014: Arizona Combat Academy of Tucson, home to former UFC fighter Drew “Nightrider” Fickett and Bellator MMA vet Joe “Yagerbombz” Yager, announces August, 2014 Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a new MMA competition show to be based here in Tucson.
ACA is the home of Team Scrub, which trained Efrain Escudero, winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 : Team Noguiera v. Team Mir, among others.
The concept, which has been registered with the Writer’s Guild Of America, involves developing athletic former and current fraternity members across the US into MMA fighters, with an eye toward getting them a contract with a major fight promotion. If the goal is met, ACA will bring work to Tucson and Arizona based production professionals, including directors, production crew, models, cosmetologists, caterers and more, as well as to MMA coaches and gyms in the state and around the country.
The campaign will seek funding to film a pilot in Arizona, and 1-3 episodes at selected colleges and gyms in the Southwest, starting with University of Arizona, and moving to Arizona State University. Ultimately, the show will seek to conduct tryouts for colleges in every region in the US.
The Pre-campaign video can be found on YouTube, linked below.
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