Streetcar will be ready for riders in less than a week

Streetcar will be ready for riders in less than a week

The wait to catch a ride on Tucson’s modern street car is less than a week long as city workers make the final changes and updates to the Sun Link system.

Project Manager Shellie Ginn said Friday that all that’s left to do on the car itself are a few software updates and a final test of the revenue and ticket system.

“We’re very comfortable going into our opening to the public next Friday,” said Ginn.

She said it was hard to imagine going public with the project when it first started years ago, but now Ginn said it’s almost time to welcome riders aboard the streetcar.

But the work does not stop once the system is online with paying passengers, according to the project manager.

“When we open, we'll still have a lot going on because we've never opened a streetcar system here before,” she said. “So there'll be things that we're going to learn as we start picking up passengers throughout the days and we'll be doing more tweaks to the system.”

The next major project for the Sun Link team is public education. Ginn said everyone needs to learn the proper way to buy tickets, board the car and safely interact with it when they’re walking, biking or driving near the street car.

“The downtown has become a place to be and we have a lot of people down here,” Ginn said. “We all want to make sure we’re respectful of each other.”

July 25 is the first day for public passengers. The first three days of service will be free to the public and typical day passes after that will cost $4.00

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