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Safety and security on board the modern streetcar

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  Security and safety are two issues Sun Link has been training for since the streetcar began testing.  To make sure people are safe, Sun Link has worked with both the Tucson Fire Department and the Tucson Police Department. 

There are eight streetcars that will ride along the streets of downtown Tucson, and each one can carry about 150 passengers.  One safety feature the streetcar has are cameras. There are cameras inside the car, where the entire interior of the car can be monitored. There is also a camera in front of the streetcar to see the traffic; there is also a camera located in the back of the streetcar to see the traffic following.  

At any given time there could be a fare enforcement person checking tickets on the streetcar.  They will hand out citations to riders that do not pay a fare for a ride on the streetcar. 

Operators of the streetcar have been trained to keep an eye out on the stops and report anything suspicious.  

Crews from Tucson Fire and Tucson Police have also done some training on the streetcar for emergency situations. 

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