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Streetcar finally has passengers

After years of planning and building, millions of dollars, construction headaches, delays and a lot of grumbling, Tucson's Modern Streetcar finally has passengers.

And, one thing is clear: Failure is not an option.

We know this project has been hard on budgets and the businesses that sacrificed along the way. Now, the streetcar must be successful.

For that to happen, we also have to do our part. This means we've got to pay closer attention to how we drive, walk and ride bicycles along the route. We have to stay clear of the streetcar's tracks, resist the urge to jaywalk and pay attention to the bike markings.

We also need to make sure we park correctly along the street. As we know, one car parked too far from the curb can hold up the entire system.

We know more glitches may be ahead and that's normal for any big project. Let's do our part and get them fixed. Let’s ride the streetcar so that this system can deliver all the things we've been promised for years.

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