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Teenager has 232 teeth removed during surgery

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable surgery: Doctors removed 232 teeth from a 17-year old's mouth during surgery.

Ashik Gavai lives in India. Doctors who did the seven-hour surgery say they've checked medical literature from around the world, and think this is the highest number of teeth ever removed.

The India Times says the boy's mouth was very swollen when he arrived at the hospital 10 days ago. At first, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. But they finally realized he suffered from a rare disease - where a tumor was growing inside one of his molars.

Doctors didn't realize what was inside the tumor until the surgery started. They kept finding small, individual teeth inside the tumor which was the size of a large marble.

The best news is the tumor turned out to be benign.

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