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There are massive sinkholes in Russia. How did they get there?

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Three large sinkholes have suddenly surprised the country of Russia the past few weeks and their appearances have surprised many experts. The first sinkhole was found a few weeks back in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia, near the arctic circle. The size of it was pretty large, at 160 feet around and 230 feet deep, about the size of half a soccer field. The second sinkhole was much smaller but found only 18 miles away from the first one.

The third one was just discovered and is the smallest of the three. But how did these sinkholes appear? How did they get there? Some experts now believe they have the answer.

This area is a large producer of natural gas, but no one believes that the production companies have caused them, they think it was all mother nature herself.

This region of the globe was covered by a large sea over 10,000 years ago. When the sea dried up the salt, water, sand and gas all froze in the soil under ground. But since the earth is warming at an alarming rate, it is melting all the elements and creating pressure. This pressure is great enough to act like champagne in a bottle and eventually the top blew right off.

More sinkholes could appear in the coming days, but no one really knows. It all depends on if the earth has released enough pressure with the three sinkholes already found.

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