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Your reaction to streetcar editorial

We received a lot of feedback to our editorial last week on Tucson's new streetcar. The editorial said failure is not an option. We voted for it. We paid for it. And now the streetcar is finally operational.

In response, Laura wrote, “We have all helped pay for it so why not try to make it a success instead of helping it lose money.”

Gracie said, “I agree. Let's hope for success and prosperity for the downtown community.”

And Mikey added, “For everybody that keeps complaining about the small route the streetcar takes, they do plan on expanding the routes in the future. They need to start somewhere right?”

And for those that say we shouldn't have built it, Jeffrey wrote: “I guess you all should have voted at the polls instead of on Facebook.....LOL.”

But there were many more voices against the streetcar:

Steve said, “Doomed to fail. Waste of money.”

Laurie wrote, “It only benefits one small section of Tucson, I see no logic in this and no profit…”

And Todd said, “The ability of one car parked wrong to hold up the entire system seems like a major design flaw…”

And finally, Jim wanted to give ME a message, “Debbie, why don't you go downtown every day and ride it to nowhere. Nobody cares what you say or think.”

Thanks to all of the viewers who took the time to call, e-mail me and comment on Facebook!

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