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Tropics Getting Active

The amount of tropical disturbances are increasing as we get closer to the peak of hurricane season. The peak is around mid-August through mid-October.

As of Monday, Hurricane Iselle (category 4) and Tropical Storm Julio are in the Eastern Pacific. While Hurricane Bertha is a few hundred miles off the east coast, in the Atlantic.

Iselle is losing intensity as it moves into an environment with stronger upper level winds and slightly cooler sea surface temperatures. The 130mph winds near the storm's center may be less than 50mph by the time it reaches the Hawaiian islands on Thursday. Below is the probability of tropical storm force winds (Greater or equal to 39mph).

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Julio is following in Iselle's wake (image below).  It may develop into a category 2 hurricane, and eventually head toward the Hawaiian islands as well. There's still some uncertainty with its track, but if it does reach Hawaii it would sometime around Sunday.


On top of Iselle and Julio, the National Hurricane Center is also keeping an eye on a tropical disturbance that could eventually become tropical storm Karina. Right now, it's just a cluster of thunderstorm with a 30% potential of becoming a tropical cyclone.

 You can track any hurricane or tropical storm on our Tucson News Weather app. Just look under settings for the "Tropical Tracks" map overlays.

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