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Amphi school buses are going 'green'

ORO VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It is the first day of classes for students in the Amphitheater School District, and something new for students this year - 'green' buses. 

According to officials with the district some 6,000 students ride to school on the bus and soon some will get to take a green one to campus, but they aren't talking new paint color. These newer buses will run on cleaner fuel than diesel. This week the district received two new buses that are fueled by propane. The new propane powered buses also run quieter than conventional diesel powered buses.  

The new propane buses are not quite ready for service yet, so they will not be picking up and dropping off students. Officials with Amphi are saying these two new buses are just the beginning, the plan is to replace 15 diesel buses with propane ones. This changeover will save the district on fuel, propane costs fifty percent less than diesel, a change that will save the district some $75,000 in fuel cost for the year. Fuel savings will go back into the general fund, said Amphi officials, which means more money for the classroom. Aside from more money for the classroom, there is another benefit to propane, it is produced domestically. 

"This means less dependency on foreign oil," said Marc Lappitt, Director of Transportation for the Amphi Public Schools. "All the propane that we consume is domestically produced in the U.S." 

Students will find it difficult to see the difference between the diesel and the propane powered buses, but they certainly will feel it temperature wise.  The air conditioning works better in the propane buses. 

District officials are expecting three more propane buses next week, with the ultimate goal of getting them all in service by August 18. 

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