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Sun Tran comes to agreement with workers, potential strike averted

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Crisis averted.  For those just waking up and planning to catch the Sun Tran bus to school or work, service will operate normally.  

Union bus workers decided not to strike.  Both Sun Tran officials and Teamsters Local 104 voted and agreed on a new contract, but riders will have to hold their breath again when they revisit this issue in another year.  

The tension originally started because the union wanted a raise for its members and a certain package of benefits. Mechanics and service workers have had their wages frozen for the last few years.  

This new contract gives a one-time raise to all employees with Sun Tran longer than six months except those at the top level.  If they did not come up with an agreement, there was the potential for bus workers to strike.  That means it would have restricted bus service to a few select routes this morning.  

"We didn't want a strike.  It's not good for members.  It's not good for the citizens of Tucson, so I think both sides worked extremely hard to come up with a creative and workable solution," said Andy Marshal, a spokesman for the Teamsters. 

No strike this time for Sun Tran workers, bus service will continue as scheduled. 

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