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Oro Valley to receive more CAP water

(Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov/) (Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov/)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  The Town of Oro Valley will be celebrating its new water blending facility on Wednesday, August 13.  

According to town officials this new facility, located on Calle Buena Vista, north of Hardy Road, will allow an additional 500 acre feet of Central Arizona Project water to be delivered to Oro Valley Water.  

This will bring the town's water total from CAP to 2,000 acre feet per year, said a recent release.  A partnership with Tucson Water in January 2012, has allowed the town to deliver CAP water, when it first began delivering 1,500 acres feet per year to the area.  

One acre foot of water equals 325,851 gallons and for every gallon of CAP water delivered Oro Valley Water Utility replaces a corresponding gallon of water from the town's ground water, which preserves the aquifer. 

“This project will further protect and preserve the Town's groundwater resources in Southern Arizona by delivering our Central Arizona Project water,” commented Oro Valley Water Utility Director Philip Saletta, in a recent release. “It is an example of regional cooperation and the commitment between Oro Valley and the City of Tucson that follows through on our existing water agreement.” 

With the addition of CAP water 42 percent of Oro Valley's water deliveries now come from renewable water resources. 

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