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Rally Point Arizona helping veterans

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  On average the VA serves about 17,000 mental health patients a year, with issues ranging from depression to alcoholism.  

At a summit today at least 100 people from eight community agencies will attend, to discuss ways to help these veterans and their families.  

One of those agencies will be Rally Point Arizona, which is an initiative of La Frontera, a nonprofit behavioral health center. It estimates one in five service members or veterans will struggle with substance abuse, relationship issues, stress and even thoughts of suicide. 

The VA can only help so many veterans, those who do not qualify to enroll for VA care are left to find care on their own. This is where Rally Point Arizona comes in.  

It is a nonprofit that can help any veteran who calls its crisis hotline.  For those who know of a veteran who needs help or are one themselves, call the Rally Point Arizona crisis line at 1-855-RALLY4U.  The line is manned 24/7. 

Rally Point Arizona is really about veterans helping veterans and their families.  It is just one of several agencies that will be at the community summit later this morning. 

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