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Driving around barricades, into flooded washes dangerous and expensive

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - When the rains come, washes and rivers around Tucson can fill very quickly.

Pima County workers place barricades on low-lying roads to keep drivers from taking a chance and driving through a running wash or river. 

As we stood at the barricades on Camino del la Tierra, at the Rillito River, we saw several drivers going around the barricades and through the running river.

People who are caught do get a ticket.

We saw a sheriff's deputy ticket three drivers.

If a child is in the car, the driver can be charged with felony endangerment as well.

One deputy told us there are several dangers when drivers cross running washes and rivers.

The most obvious is that the car can be swept away.  It doesn't take much water to do that.

The deputy says another danger is that there's no way of knowing what's under that muddy water.

He says the road might have washed away or there could be something under the water that can stop a car.

Motorists who have to be rescued after they've gone around the barricades may be charged for the cost of the rescue.

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