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Your Week in Viral Videos: Bad husbands love bad football

Fox Sports 1 is looking to make amends for destroying families with an onslaught of what it calls "great Pac-12 and Big 12 games," despite no such thing existing.  (Source: FOX Sports/YouTube) Fox Sports 1 is looking to make amends for destroying families with an onslaught of what it calls "great Pac-12 and Big 12 games," despite no such thing existing. (Source: FOX Sports/YouTube)

(RNN) – Football season is getting closer and closer and Fox Sports 1 knows it has destroyed the lives of families across the country, and is looking to make amends.

Ehhh, maybe not.

This video has several problems, the first of which is the claim that Fox Sports 1 broadcasts “great Pac-12 and Big 12 games.” That’s an obviously lie, because no such thing exists. Then there’s the bogus 480 percent increase stat, but at least that is acknowledged as nonsense. The third lie in the video is that the Pac-12 has a good enough defense to hold its opponent to a field goal try.

At this point, Fox Sports 1 isn’t even trying. However, that became apparent soon after the network launched last August.

The wife in this video deserves better than a husband who likes Oregon. Anyone who willingly subjects themselves to Oregon football games on a repeated basis needs psychological intervention. The neglected dog with the tennis ball is more entertaining.

Finally, Fox Sports 1 hypes is “great” football content by showing a schedule of games. Of the 93 games, the station will carry, 54 of them are listed as “TBA vs. TBA.” That’s a riveting slate right there. The games that are actually listed feature such powerhouse teams as Texas-San Antonio, Missouri State and Old Dominion.

No one who is a “perfectly decent” anything would get excited about that.

Manning fantasy

Speaking of football season, it’s fantasy football season as well. DirecTV has decided that somehow an entire channel needs to devoted to telling you who is likely to gain more yards each Sunday (hint: it’s the guy playing against Jacksonville).

Why this is needed is a mystery, but it did result in one good thing, and that is Peyton Manning and Eli Manning rapping about how awesome this new Fantasy Football Fantasy is going to be.

The video is typical Manning, which means it’s awkwardly fantastic. The highlight comes when Eli realizes there is no sound in space – even though his voice seems to disagree – while Archie Manning and his youngest son are both capable of surviving in a vacuum without space suits as Peyton looks down from the moon.

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Yo, it’s a yo-yo

Don’t try to make sense of this world championship yo-yo routine. Whatever is going on here is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. It is Gentry Stein’s world, and we are just living in it.

The yo-yoing (yoing?) appears to be in sync with the noise in the background, which in some circles is referred to as music. What it adds to the routine isn’t certain, but the video is even more impressive with the sound off since that noise will be gone.

The string on that yo-yo must be self-repelling, because for it to not get twisted and tied together during all those tricks is incomprehensible.

Apparently one video wasn’t enough

Did you really think “Apparently Kid” was going to go away quickly? You do not know how the internet works.

Someone thought it was a good idea to Songify Noah Ritter’s TV interview, and they were right. This video was actually out prior to last week’s video compilation, but YWVV wasn’t aware of it until it was too late, so here it is now.

Animal of the Week

Dogs don’t like magicians, but they love hot dogs. So, how do dogs act when a magician makes a hot dog hover in midair? The same as they always do: by trying to eat it.

More stuff for when you’re bored

You don’t know how to eat fruit.

Ah, these kids now-a-days don’t know what good TV is. They’re all over that Sponge Pants guy and can’t look up from their iPad games long enough to keep from walking into a tree. Why, back in my day, we didn’t have no iThings and you watched the same shows as everybody else … and you liked it.

Babies love things like remote controls. Any other strange device put in front of this baby will probably make him go crazy just the same, but the remote control seems to be working pretty well on its own.

The video doesn’t explain why this guy finds these automatic trash cans so funny, but his laughter is contagious.

Oh my God, it’s a cat. Look at that cat. Where’s the cat? There’s the cat. Look at that cat. That’s a nice cat. Oh, what’s that? Oh, hey, it’s the cat again. AHHHH. Floor.

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