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City detects "strong presence" of microcystin at intake, but water still SAFE TO DRINK

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After a spike in the microcystin levels at the Collins Park water treatment plant on Friday night, more tests were ordered.

According to the World Health Organization, Microcystin levels should be lower than one part per billion to be safe for human consumption.

According to the city, 33 additional samples were taken on Saturday night at 8 PM to be tested.

18 of those samples came back with levels lower than .30 parts per billion, which is considered "non-detectable."

The other 15 ranged from .302  to .406 parts per billion.

All 33 were under the .50 parts per billion level which requires the city to report to the EPA

Testing and monitoring will continue.

On Saturday evening the city announced that there was a "strong presence" of microcystin at the water intake in Lake Erie.

Microcystin is the toxin that caused the city to institute the do not consume order 2 weeks ago.

The city stressed at that time that the water was still safe to drink.

The city has been doing increased monitoring and testing of the water due to the algal bloom season.

Tap water results from samples taken Friday at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant were .972.

Since that test, additional chemicals have been added to the water to keep Microcystin levels under control.

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