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Refugees hope support will reach all of Iraq

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Continued air strikes from the United States provided support to the Iraqi forces fighting back rebels of the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria this weekend.

Some Iraqi refugee families in Tucson said they support the U.S. involvement and they are hopeful that more countries will come to the aid of their loved ones still living overseas.

“I think the government in Iraq, they need help,” said Aqil Alqadi Jubran. “It's a humanitarian issue.”

The air strikes targeted areas in northern Iraq, but some Iraqis living in Southern Arizona said it's not just the north that needs attention.

“I wish if they can be more involved in different areas in Iraq,” said Sara Jamil who works at Refugee Focus in downtown Tucsonalongng with Aqil.

Fighting is focused around the Mosul Dam currently, but Jamil said ISIS is a threat to the entire country. She said no one, neither Shiite nor Sunni, know what to expect from the rebels.

“They have their own rules and we have no idea what they're planning to do,” she said.

Both Jamil and Aqil said their thankful for what support they've seen so far, but they say more is needed. As men, women and children seek refuge in nearby countries, Aqil said the situation has become a humanitarian crisis.

“The crisis is very dangerous,” he said. “If nobody take care of it…it's a catastrophe I think.”

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