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Survivors recount horror of massacre by ISIS terrorists

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Tens of thousands of Iraqis have run from the advance of ISIS terrorists across northern and western Iraq. (Source: CNN) Tens of thousands of Iraqis have run from the advance of ISIS terrorists across northern and western Iraq. (Source: CNN)
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ZAKHO, NORTHERN IRAQ (CNN) - Some of the Sunni militants' most vicious attacks have fallen on Iraq's religious minority, the Yazidis.

Tens of thousands have fled the advancing militants.

But many didn't have the chance.

These faces are all that we can still see of the village of Kojo, into which ISIS swept, abducting, murdering possibly dozens.

Few survivors have spoken, but Khalif Khodad said when ISIS swept in they ordered the Yazidi town to become Muslim.

But nobody would.

So they herded them into the school.

The men were driven in trucks to the outskirts, lined up and shot.

Khalif was hit three times, but remarkably escaped.

Yet ISIS held onto the women and children alive.

His wife, daughter, two sons and 85-year-old mother, now their possessions.

"They are monsters, I have no idea what they can do to them, especially the young,” he said.

Many have arrived to eke out a life as refugees in this construction site. But so many of the people from Kojo have little to even prove who they are let alone what they say happened there. And while ISIS controls that village their testimony is the only real evidence of what happened there.

Five survivors piece together what they surely hope to forget.

Maps of the school, and what seemed like three executions sites - these men seeing at the very least 50 dead.

Kich Ammo remembers when he knew the bullets had missed.

"I looked around and saw a lot of wounded around me, they were asking for water and I gave it to them. I had a brother dead here, one there. The sparks of the bullets caused the field to catch fire,” he said.

Nafet and Faz were trucked to different sites, but both saved by larger men who died next to them.

"Someone was shot next to me, and fell on me, I was covered in his blood,” Nafet said.

"They loaded their weapons, there was a big man next to me. He put my head under his arms, and then they shot him in the head, back and arms, and then with a pistol to make sure,” Faz said.

Saad and Sameh had the chance to run.

"They had taken our mobile phones at the school, gold and everything precious,” Saad said.

They were in the second truckload of men to the ravine massacre site, and saw bodies already there. Saad hit by an ISIS bullet as he fled.

"I tied my leg up with a scarf and my friends helped me up. They always said, after ISIS took Kojo, there would be aid or military support to help us, but nobody came,” Saad said.

The killers, most say, Iraqis locals who fled when they heard American jets above.

Horror has befallen Kojo.

Worse still, ISIS still controls both it, and its women and children.

So even in survival, for these men answers and peace have never been further away.

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