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M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon Predicts the Future of Cyber Security

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Anti-Fraud Data Scientist Anyck Turgeon Predicts Security, Anti-Fraud and Cyber-War Developments.

August 20, 2014

Austin, United States – /PressCable/

Anyck Turgeon, the CEO of M-CAT Enterprises and a noted anti-fraud practitioner, made five predictions for the future of cyber security in an interview with the Fraud Institute. According to Turgeon, who helps protect small to large corporations, higher-wealth individuals, law firms and technological companies from fraud, anticipates that cyber security over the next 15 years will see major changes in the ways that cyber fraud and money laundering are prevented, the ways that contextual evidence and “augmented realities” will affect fraud, privacy technologies and data exchanges, profiling, and cyber war.

“Given that one in three people faces massive and sudden poverty from current and growing fraud trends, cyber-security is going to become even more specialized than it is already today,” said Turgeon. “We are now seeing the development of many innovative approaches to prevention along with revolutionary technologies.” In her interview, Turgeon makes the following predictions:

* Cyber fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) Technologies are in growth mode – Turgeon expects newborn professions will be created, such as in cyber-fraud cyber-diplomacy and cyber-money laundering profilers. Professionals in the field are educating law enforcement agencies and introducing fraud examiners and private investigators globally with in-depth social media investigation techniques. Universities such as the University of Texas and Harvard are also teaching anti-fraud and money laundering practices as part of MBA and executive education programs.

* Cyber security will embrace Contextual Evidence and Augmented Realities – New laws, such as FATCA (Fair Accounting Taxation and Compliance Act), are shifting the burden of proof to the accused, and evidence is required to offer a full picture of what has occurred to cover the negatives (e.g. what did not take place) beyond a reasonable doubt (e.g. 90% probability or higher). Thus, new technologies capturing all factual data as well as metadata will be augmented by artificial and business intelligence in order to create a full picture of the positives and negatives.

* Privacy will morph into new forms of data anonymity – For example, non-existent packaging will be created by computer geniuses like John McAfee to offer individual freedom and opportunities to resell data. With different levels of obfuscation, beneficiaries will have the means to monetize their information through various forms of (like obfuscation or multi-dimensional masking) and levels of anonymity being sold on data exchanges.

* Profiling will lose its stigma – The social aversion that baby boomers and generation Xers have towards profiling will be overcome by the successive generations. In light of major scientific developments and benefits such as 3D printed organs, much lower costs (like insurance) and preventive dental care, individual profiling will become the norm.

* Cyber war is coming, perhaps not from where we expect – Just as the recent civil disruptions in Turkey, Croatia, Egypt and Ukraine were all predicated by disabling cyber-attacks (most often not discussed by the media), future wars are more likely to begin with cyber-attacks whereas the focus is placed on disabling critical infrastructure systems (like utility systems). New armies will need to comprise diverse individuals. Collaboration among budget competing agencies as well as outer-bound private industry without security clearances may appear impossible to reach but, upcoming losses will eradicate these barriers. A smaller country like Moldova (from the former Soviet Union) is a strong contender for the title of global cyber-superpower.

To read the full interview, please visit The Fraud Institute.

About Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon, CEO of M-CAT Enterprises, began her career more than 25 years ago with Canada’s largest case of securities fraud to-date (e.g. James Connacher & Gordon Capital). She is an anti-fraud veteran with an impressive range of expertise. Being exposed to many criminals like convicted bank forgery fraudster Mark Moore, embezzler Rory Allen O’Brian and mail fraudster Lisa Sackie, Anyck is an unusual practitioner who delivers a full breadth of technological, security and anti-fraud expertise for small to large corporations, higher-wealth individuals, law firms and technological companies. A victor herself over criminal and civil fraud, Anyck appears divergent to white collar crime threats and offers strategic solutions tailored to her customers’ needs – ranging from termination of services to convictions, recovery and punitive compensation

About M-CAT Enterprises?

M-CAT Enterprises, LLC is a global provider of growth management and security solutions. Visit www.mcatenterprises.com.

About The Fraud Institute

The Fraud Institute is a global organization dedicated to combating fraud by raising awareness of national and international security, fraud and identity-theft issues. For more information about The Fraud Institute and its related entities (Fraud Commission™, Fraud Exchange™, Fraud Clinic™ and Fraud Chamber™), visit www.fraudinstitute.com.

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