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Trails and campgrounds are reopened at Saguaro National Park East

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  Several trails and campgrounds in the Rincon Mountains, which were closed by both the Jackalope and Deer Head wildfires have been reopened, according to a release from the National Park Service.  

Hikers are cautioned to stay on trails, especially in burned areas, said NPS officials. 

"Though fire behavior was mild throughout the burned area, it is possible to encounter hazards while hiking," said Fire Management Officer for Saguaro National Park, John Thornburg, in a recent release. "Partially burned trees may be weakened and drop branches and stumps may have burned underground causing unstable soil which could collapse if stepped on."

Biologists are also cautioning about soil erosion, as both fires burned off vegetation that was holding soil in place. Traveling off trail in these burned out areas could further weaken the soil, said NPS officials, increasing the risk of water capture, flooding and further erosion.  

NPS officials reported the Deer Head fire as contained on August 15, after having burned 1,097 acres; the fire began on July 24.  This same area has previously burned nine times, said NPS officials.  

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