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McDonnell concludes his time on the witness stand

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File photo of former governor Bob McDonnell as he arrives for testimony at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond. (Source: NBC12) File photo of former governor Bob McDonnell as he arrives for testimony at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond. (Source: NBC12)

Two days of bruising cross examination are finally complete for former Gov. Bob McDonnell.

He had to rigidly account for every aspect of his relationship with Jonnie Williams. McDonnell answered all the questions but we won't know until there is a verdict if the jury believed what he had to say.

Over two days and close to 16 hours of cross examination, prosecutor Michael Dry threw thousands of documents at Bob McDonnell hoping to find inconsistencies in his story.

At one point Dry went back to you these hand written notes the former governor took during the phone call with the millionaire benefactor Williams.

They were talking about a potential complex stocks scheme to allow the McDonnells to take out a $50,000 loan.

McDonnell said he circled MoBo instead of Maureen because he wanted the money to go to his realty company- not his wife.

But Dry pointed out that the circle was in a different color ink. He asked McDonnell if actually wrote that after the investigation began. Something the former governor forcefully denied.

He also tried to use McDonnell's own words against him. Showing a video of him on the Sean Hannity show as governor.

At the time, McDonnell told Hannity:

"The same way you balance your check book at home, the way a small business owner balance their books," he said. "You can't spend more than you have for any period of time or you go broke."

Dry questioned why that same economic principle wasn't happening in McDonnell's personal life.

But Dry who's questions were not very dramatic overall, did finish with a "Law and Order" type moment.

He cited this line from the McDonnell inaugural address:

McDonnell said "As the scriptures say 'To whom much is given, much will be required'."

Dry then asked: "Did Jonnie Williams give your family $170,000 in gifts in loans?"

McDonnell replied: "Yes."

Dry said: "Nothing further."

And we learned, that this case could wrap up quickly. The Bob McDonnell defense team has only one more witness, Maureen McDonnell's team said their entire case could be done in five hours.

If all goes according to plan- and that is a big "if"-  The jury could get the case by Friday. We will see.

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