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Proposed AMP route changes due to complications


There are several new twists and turns planned for the controversial transportation project known as the AMP.

The initial animations showed the AMP would take a straight shot down Broadway, through downtown and into east Nashville.

Due to design complications, the proposed route now takes a series of turns through downtown.

"I think it's as efficient as it can be and still collect riders and still go through downtown," said Stephen Goodreau, project manager for the AMP's design team.

The new route is designed to overcome some engineering obstacles. For example, Broadway at Fifth Avenue was too steep of a grade to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so the route changed.

On parts of the route, the AMP also did not have a dedicated center lane.

Critics like Diane Neal asked if the AMP isn't fast, will people ride it?

"Why would people get off of a regular bus to get on the AMP that obviously can't get them to their destinations any faster because the center lane is only 1.4 miles?" she asked.

Ralph Schulz with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce said picking up more passengers downtown is a plus.

"I think it's good," Schulz said. "I think also if you're a walker in downtown, you've got three downtown access points in both directions. So I think it's good."

Goodreau said there are still issues that need to be worked out, but believes the AMP can work in Nashville.

"It works in Cleveland, it worked in Grand Rapids, and I worked on both of those," he said. "So yes, I think it will work."

Click here to view the revised AMP route plans.

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