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Reactions: Sun Tran bus in high waters

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Tucson viewer, Diana, shared monsoon video with Tucson News Now on Tuesday that showed a Tucson city bus in making a questionable move in the storms.

TNN reached out to Sun Tran, city officials and Tucson Police, all of whom are aware of what happened, though as of now, nobody is willing to go on camera.

We can look at that in one of two ways: either nobody thinks it's of any consequence, or the more likely explanation, that it does some concern and public officials are taking it seriously.

What we're talking about is a viewer's cell phone video of a Sun Tran bus on Tuesday afternoon near Country Club and Seneca. It's raining very hard and the street looks more like a river. But rather than backing up or turning around, the bus continues its course and drives directly through the moving water.

At one point it's so deep, we lose sight of the headlights.

The good news is the bus made it through and was able to continue its route without incident, but according to the woman who shot this video, it's the kind of risk she wouldn't want anybody to take, especially a Sun Tran driver, whose job is to transport people as safely as possible.

“I was just hoping there were no kids or handicapped people in there, the driver also. But no, only that it was crazy, because at one point his headlights were going under and he's pushing the water... so the water's coming up, moving forward...and I'm just like...waiting in anticipation -- is he gonna make it?” she said.

Sun Tran did issue a statement late Wednesday afternoon saying, "Sun Tran has established alternate routes for drivers to use" when they encounter flooded roadways.

They also say "drivers are told to use their best judgment" when entering a flooded area.

In talking with a union representative today, he said he's never heard of a bus being washed away, but the same token, he said, that's not impossible and that drivers always need to error on the side of caution.

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