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More smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In a national push to get people to quit smoking for good, hotline workers are hearing more people try to kick the habit by transitioning to e-cigarettes.

The Great National Smokeout is every year in November, and Quit coaches at Arizona Smokers Hotline said in the past 18 months, they talked to a lot more clients who are using e-cigarettes to wean themselves off tobacco.

These are calls they take in their call center with the U of A College of Public Health.

The problem is a lot of people don't know many e-cig products have nicotine in them.

So what does that mean when you call the help line?

The director of the program said there isn't enough research right now to definitively tell someone they can't safely use e-cigs.

“Certainly if a client calls in and they say I'm using e-cigs and I've been able to cut back on the number of cigarettes over the last week and now I need more help, then we're going to engage them where they are,” said Cynthia Thomson, director of the Arizona Smokers Helpline. “Will we come out and say e-cigs will help you quit? We can't do that; we don't have that data.”

About 20 percent of adults are smokers and experts said the best way to quit is to set a quit date for a bigger chance at quitting for good.

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