The coldest game

The coldest game

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Rich Rodriguez doesn't hesitate when asked if he remembers the coldest game he's ever coached in. West Virginia vs. Pitt. A frigid late season match up in the mid 'aughts. How cold was it? This cold:

"We had a field turf field, like we've got now,"he said in his weekly press conference. "They said despite the cold storm coming in, those rubber pellets will never freeze. No they froze."

That was just the beginning.

"It might have been five degrees. Maybe with the wind chill it was five below. I had two socks and two plastic bread bags over my toes and I still froze."

About that field turf. What did it feel like?

"Pure concrete. I can remember our quarterback Pat White scored on a scramble. Right at the end, he got hit an he slid through the endzone like fifteen yards. He comes off to the side and he had a smile on his face but his teeth were chattering. I said, 'you gonna be okay?' and he said 'Yeah but do I gotta keep runnin' the ball.'"

Play the video up top because, trust me, the written word does not do justice to the story.

Wildcats and Utes kickoff at 1:30 in forty degree rain soaked Salt Lake City on Saturday.