Eviction notices connected to debris thrown from high rise apartment

Eviction notices connected to debris thrown from high rise apartment

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Four people renting an apartment at Level, one of the high rises surrounding the Islamic Center of Tucson, have been given eviction notices with the expectation that they'll be gone Monday.

Management served the notices after reviewing video that showed objects flying from the room in question, according to Alex O'Brien, president of Cardinal Group.

The eviction notice comes less than a week after management from the three high rises met with representatives from police, the university, Ward 6 staff and members of the Islamic Center.

Taha Hasan, with the ICT, said Sunday night that members of the congregation shared video they shot of the thrown debris. Days later the eviction notices were served, and Hasan said he was pleasantly surprised to see such quick action.

"We're not happy that they're kicking kids out of their apartment, of course," he said. "But we are happy that management is sticking to their word and they're proving that yes they are as serious as they say they are about this issue."

Evictions, along with a $1000 fine and potential criminal charges, are all possibilities for throwing debris off a balcony at Level and neighboring Next. It's outlined in the leases signed by renters, according to an action plan submitted to the major players from last Monday's meeting.

The zero tolerance policy includes intentional and accidental drops from the high-rise apartments. Juliana Brutsche said she can understand an eviction if there are multiple offenses, but a zero tolerance policy might be too much.

"I try my best to monitor if I have people over to make sure nothing is going so to get evicted for something that's an accident would be ridiculous," she said.

Anthony Houhoulis, who also lives at Level, said students have been told several times and received plenty of notifications warning them about balcony safety. The sophomore said the building seems to have quieted down a bit, but he understands the need for the policy.

"If it's gotten to this point that all the steps have been taken I know to evict someone they have to go through the entire process," said Houhoulis. "The punishment is probably worth it."

The renters facing eviction were locked out of their balcony when served with the eviction notice, according to O'Brien. He said they're able to appeal the decision, which is a legal process that typically takes a week or two.

Management for all three high-rise apartments are working on a plan for more security camera coverage. Installation will likely start in December, according to the joint action plan.

Until then, additional security patrols have been assigned to circle the buildings from 9 p.m. – 4 a.m., according to the plan.

Hasan said he would also like to see a long-term plan that works to reduce the danger from balconies as new renters cycle in and out of the apartments with the passing semesters.

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