Recount in CD 2

Now that the state has made the November 4 general election results official, an automatic recount has been triggered in Congressional District 2.

161 votes separate Republican Martha McSally, who is leading, and Democrat Ron Barber.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper has ordered a recount. According to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, the paperwork is being hand delivered by a courier.

The state wants the recount finished by December 16th.

The contents of the recount order have not been released as of this posting.

The cost of the recount will be picked up by the state of Arizona.

"Because this is a state slash federal mandate, the state will have to absorb the cost of the recount," says Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson.

Nelson the December 16th deadline should be acceptable.

The county machines can count 20 to 30,000 ballots a day. Pima County will have about 185,000 ballots to count.

Cochise County officials say they have set aside five or six days for the recount.

The electronic recount will be conducted on the same machines used during the election and there's little doubt of their accuracy.

The machines are tested by elections officials, both major political parties and the Secretary of State prior to the election.

Those same machines go through a hand count/machine count match up following the election as well by the same parties.

All the testing is done "to make sure everything matches up at the end of the process," says Nelson.

The machines used during the election are ten years old and set to be replaced in the next calendar year.

The Secretary of State's office says the recount "should take about two weeks."