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Road to the Fiesta Bowl

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Typically this time of the year the Wildcats board a bus that leads them on to a plane, that flies them out of state to their postseason destination. This year... they just stayed on the bus.

There are 38 bowl games this year, 6 of these are access bowls, and only one of those take place in Arizona, the Fiesta Bowl... advantage Arizona. The Cats began their road to the Fiesta Bowl this afternoon unloading their gear after the short two hour bus ride to Scottsdale where they began practice at Scottsdale Community College for the next few days.

Rich Rod has booked a spot to the Fiesta Bowl before. In 2007 he led West Virginia into the BCS game (at the time) but never made it the Fiesta Bowl pre-game podium since he had already taken the Michigan job, and therefore, didn't get to coach in the big game. Rodriguez smiled when he said this time he actually got to speak at the Fiesta Bowl press conference.

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