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Boise St. by the numbers

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - If all you did was look at the numbers, on paper, you'd walk away thinking that Boise St. was better than Arizona. Games are not won and lost on paper obviously, but they are fun to look at.

I'll take you through some of the FBS rankings which have the Broncos listed higher than Arizona in most of the significant categories, but there is one that really stands out to me that overshadows all the rest... strength of schedule.

Boise St. proved in the past that schedule really meant nothing when they went on to win their previous two Fiesta Bowl games versus Oklahoma and TCU. They were the underdog in both of those games as well.

Arizona played the 28th best schedule in the country, Boise St played the 78th best, how much does it matter. Let's discuss, click on the video link above to form your own opinion as we peel away the layers of how each team paved teh road to Glendale. 

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